• Culture

    Batman, Spider-man, and the Superhero License and Insurance Conundrum

    The new law requiring superheroes to be licensed and insured has caused quite a stir in the superhero community. Some are even questioning whether it's worth the hassle to operate within the law. Take Batman, for example. Gotham's protector has always been a bit of a vigilante, but now he's facing even more red tape. When we asked him about the regulation, he groaned, "I can barely keep track of my utility belt, now I have to deal with insurance? What's next, a Bat-license?" We can only imagine how much Gotham's insurance premiums will go up if he continues fighting crime uninsured.

  • Entertainment

    Man Arrested for Smuggling 70 Live Birds in His Pants

    Police in Australia recently arrested a man who was caught smuggling 70 live birds in his pants. The man was attempting to board a flight to New Zealand when authorities noticed some 'unusual bulges' in his pants. Upon further inspection, they found 14 live finches, 10 live quails and 14 live pigeons in a specially-made compartment in his underwear.

  • Entertainment

    Claude Debussy Time Traveled to 2020

    We all were surprised when, in a viral video, we saw the one and only Claude Debussy performing an avant-garde electronic version of his piece ‘Clair de Lune’ from 1890. How could this famous classical composer and pianist travel through time? Well, it turned out that he actually did. Remarkably, Claude Debussy time-traveled from 1890 to 2020.

  • Opinion

    Editorial: Longing for the Days of Old

    It's easy to look back on the good old days with nostalgia. We all long for a time when everything was simpler and we didn't have to worry about the ever-changing world around us. But is that really true? Are the new things really so bad?