Claude Debussy Time Traveled to 2020

We all were surprised when, in a viral video, we saw the one and only Claude Debussy performing an avant-garde electronic version of his piece ‘Clair de Lune’ from 1890. How could this famous classical composer and pianist travel through time? Well, it turned out that he actually did. Remarkably, Claude Debussy time-traveled from 1890 to 2020.

Upon seeing the 2020 world and the new technology available here, his reaction ranged from disbelief and confusion to awe and fascination. He understood the concept of recorded sound immediately, as well as the topics included in today's music production like synthesisers and drum machines. But, most impressively, he recognised these tools as potential sources to create even more detailed and intricate compositions.

As if it wasn't incredible enough being able to see an artist born over two centuries ago creating something entirely modern, Claude Debussy also mastered digital audio workstations and analog effects in no time, much to everyone's amazement. Despite struggling to understand social media at first, he quickly got used to the idea of 'going viral'. In his own words: "My product is timeless and its audience should be, too".

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