Here's the Teas: Celebs & Food Wordplay

Kanye West may have said "Dropped outta school, now I'm the Big Mac Daddy", but who would have guessed that Taylor Swift would be the one to start a shake-up in the fast food industry? Her hit single "Shake It Off" has been inspiring long lines at drive-thrus across the world.

Speaking of lines, Kim Kardashian's latest diet trend is gaining traction everywhere. She's been touting the benefits of the Keto-Fry, an all-meat french fry. Could this be the answer to our carbohydrate cravings?

Justin Bieber has been making headlines recently for his involvement in the plant-based burger movement. He's asking everyone to "Belieb" in Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, which are sure to revolutionize the food industry.

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